Light helicopters with the lowest cost

Building your Dynali requires no more than basic mechanical skills. The assembly manual is very complete and fully illustrated. Assistance is available on-line or by telephone from Dynali or any of our authorised distributors.

You should count on approximately 200 hours work before your H2S is ready for its first test flight. A further 50 hours will be required for finishing the cabin fitting and fine balancing of the rotors etc.

The Flight Manual and Maintenance Manual have also been designed for easy understanding by amateur pilots and technicians.

Standard version H2S ready-to-fly

(analog instruments, no strobes, standard white colour) : 135.000,- € (excl. tax)

Options include

Strobe light
Personalised colour schemes
Artificial horizon
Radio Intercom + Transponder Mode S (excl. headsets)
Dust cover (cabin and engine)
All weather cover (cabin and engine)
Cabin heater (installation incl.)
Control panel light
Landing light
Position lights (red + green)
GPS Garmin (Avmap GeoPilot 2)
Sun protection shield
12V car plug

Maintenance costs

In most countries the owners of aircraft in the kit-built or light sports aircraft categories are authorised to undertake the maintenance of their machines themselves, or delegate it to a trained mechanic at the local flying club. This provides a huge cost advantage as against the maintenance of fully certified machines which must be maintained in certified workshops.

Line maintenance schedule is as : 10, 30, 50, 100 up to 2000 hours. Average maintenance time for an H3 or H2S is 15 minutes of maintenance for each flight hour.

The total cost of ownership will depend on the local cost of fuel (standard lead free 95 octane).
The approximative operating cost for an H2S, excluding depreciation is about 120€/h.

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