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3 more H3s leave Dynali for China


3 more H3s leave Dynali for China

Three more Dynali Easyflyers waiting in the Dynali loading area for loading for shipment to the Dynali distributor in China. These machines are fitted with the new Dynali designed injection system providing 110 HP and are joining the growing fleet of Dynali helicopters already flying in this potentially huge market.
Busy order book for Dynali

Busy order book for Dynali

The year 2015 started strongly for Dynali with 5 H3 Easyflyers currently on the assembly line, all of which are scheduled for delivery before the end of the first quarter.

Short delivery times and highly competitive pricing are proving major competitive advantages for Dynali in the growing microlight helicopter industry.

Dynali is ramping up production to meet demand which increases with every new market in which microlight helicopters are authorised and will soon be making available a kit version for markets such as the Americas where they will be able to fly under the "51%" or "experimental" class.
Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!
From all the team of Dynali Helicopter Company
Dynali H3 winter

Winter Sports Dynali !

High in the Alps, this H3 has been fitted with special "skilets" to prevent the skids from sinking too far in the snow. These mini-skis were made by the Dynali Alpine distributor Heli Axe but can be ordered from Dynali for those who enjoy the snow.
Dynali H3 Spray in China

Dynali H3 crop spraying version introduced in China

On November 6th, the first Dynali H3 microlight helicopter to be adapted for crop spraying was shown to the press and various dignitaries during a ceremony held in Xi’an in Shaanxi province. The Jiangxi Helicopter Industrial and Investment Company (JHI) who represent Dynali in China had developed this agricultural application in collaboration with Shaanxi Tian Yi General Aviation Science Technology Company, who are specialised in crop spraying.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Xu Damao, CEO of JHI stated:

“We believe that the H3 agricultural version offers the ideal solution for the treatment of relatively small surfaces such as rice fields, which are inaccessible by surface means. We have already taken an order for the first machine and have received expressions of intent for 10 more”.

The ceremony was closed with a fly-past of the H3 spraying water along the taxiway of the airport before while a fireworks display in front of the hangar.

The H3 is expected to become widely used in China not only in agricultural applications but also as a primary training helicopter. The following week, both the Dynali H2S and the crop spraying H3 were shown at the Zhuhai air show, the largest show in China.
Dynali H2S Brazil

Third H2S flying in Brazil

In the warm Brazilian sunshine, flying the H2S with the doors off adds to the pleasure of cruising over the beautiful countryside.

Here is one of the first Dynali H2S light helicopters to have received Brazilian registration.
Cannes AirShow 2014

The H3 Black Edition at Cannes Airshow 2014

Cannes AirShow 2014

H3 Easyflyer makes debut in Brittany /
Le H3 EasyFlyer Black Edition sera présent à Vannes-Meucon.

Suite à la présentation du H3 au Salon International de l'Aviation Générale à Cannes les 12,13 et 14 juin,
Dynali annonce la présence d'Air Flash et de son
H3 Black Edition au "Festival International de l'ULM" à l'aéroport de Vannes-Meucon (France) les 28 et 29 juin prochain.
Dynali shows off its H3 EasyFlyer in France and Italy

Dynali shows off its H3 EasyFlyer in France and Italy

With the air show season now under way in Europe, Dynali is showing its new H3 Easyflyer microlight helicopter at a number of air shows in France and Italy in June this year.

Following the first German presentation of the H3 Easyflyer at the Friedrichshafen show in April, the Dynali H3 will be present at the Cannes International General Aviation Show from June 12 to 14.

In Italy another H3 will be showing its performance at the Cielo e Volo air show in Bologna on June 21 and 22.

Naturally there will be several Dynali H3 Easyflyers at the “Festival International de l’Aviation Ultra Légère” (International Microlight Festival) in Blois, France on August 30 and 31.

For more news on public demonstrations of the H3,
click here.

La saison des meetings aériens ayant débuté en Europe, Dynali montrera son nouveau H3 EasyFlyer ultra léger en France et en Italie.

Suite à sa première exposition à Friedrichshafen (Allemagne) en avril dernier, le Dynali H3 sera présent au Salon International de l'Aviation Générale à Cannes les
12, 13 et 14 juin.

En Italie, un autre H3 sera présent pour un vol de démonstration à Cielo e Volo près de Bologne les
21 et 22 juin.

Il y aura également plusieurs H3 EasyFlyers au “Festival International de l’Aviation Ultra Légère” à Blois, en France les 30 et 31 août prochain.

Pour suivre les évènements auxquels le H3 participera, cliquez ici.
Over 20 student pilots on DYNALI H3 EASYFLYER in France

Over 20 student pilots on Dynali H3 EasyFlyer in France

With the introduction of the microlight class of helicopter in France, Dynali has already secured a leading position in flight schools with over 20 student pilots in training for microlight helicopter pilot's licences in three flight schools in different regions.
Students are a mix of pilots with PPL/H licences wishing to add microlight licences, autogiro pilots and true beginners.
As a very stable platform, the Dynali H3 is living up to its name and proving to be a great helicopter for training purposes.
Aero Expo Friedrichshafen
The H3 was constantly surrounded by visitors - and was probably more photographed than Marilyn Monroe!

Aero Expo Friedrichshafen
The H3 was also in evidence on the stand of the German microlight federation

Aero Expo Friedrichshafen 2014

Dynali presented the H3 Easyflyer for the first time in Germany at the Aero Expo Friedrichshafen (April 9th-12th, 2014).

While there is currently no regulatory framework in Germany for microlight helicopters, the German Ultralight Federation (DULV) is working with Dynali to prepare proposals for the regulations to be submitted to the ministry. As the first genuine microlight helicopter on show, the H3 attracted enormous interest, not only from the German public but from a large number of international visitors.

Out thanks to our German agent, Jan Vangrunderbeeck for his assistance in the logistics and organisation of this event.

Busy day at Dynali

Not everybody who comes to see us comes by road !
Picture shows two machines from the Belgian operator HSB paying a courtesy call to Dynali.
They are somewhat larger than the Dynali H2S and H3 - and a whole lot more expensive...
One H2S and 2 H3 in kit form for China

Sales to China on the increase

Photo shows a 40" container being loaded with one H2S in flyaway form and two H3 Easyflyer helicopters in kit form for shipment to the Chinese distributor, the Jiangxi Helicopter Industrial and Investment Company. This raises the number of helicopters shipped to China in the last four months to ten, with a number of further orders now on the production line.
Heli Axe

Dynali extends sales network in
France for the H3 Easyflyer

Dynali has appointed Heli Axe as a fourth distributor in France for the H3 Easyflyer. Heli Axe is located in Albertville in the Savoy region which is an area of great natural beauty and intense aeronautical activity. All Dynali distributors in France will be able to provide ULM helicopter training in addition to sales and service of the helicopters.
H3 EasyFlyer passed weigh-in in France

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer passed weigh-in and official demo flights in France

The Dynali H3 EasyFlyer successfully passed the examination of the French General Directorate of Civil Aviation for classification as a microlight helicopter. The examination involved weighing of two machines by two officials of the DGAC and demonstration flights to prove that they could fly satisfactorily within the maximum authorised weight defined for two seat microlights. The tests took place at Amiens, the base of Air Flash, the H3 distributor for Northern France using both the Air Flash demonstration machine and that of Voltaire, a distributor based at Mondreville, south of Paris. The classification as a microlight implies a simplified regulatory environment and reduced formalities for owners and pilots of light helicopters. Dynali is a manufacturer of light helicopters in kit or flyaway form. Dynali helicopters are already present in four continents and production is being increased at the factory in Belgium from 2 to 5 machines per month.
H3 EasyFlyer at Blois Airshow

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer on public display at Blois Airshow

Dynali presented for the first time in public its new H3 Easyflier at the annual Microlight show at the aerodrome of the French city of Blois. The H3 has received its identification from the French authorities as a microlight helicopter. Two machines were shown, an H3 on the flight line which was used for demonstrations, piloted by Francis Huchette, from Air Flash, the Dynali H3 importer for northern France, the other machine being positioned in the static display to enable visitors to examine the new model more closely. A number of visitors commented on the performance of the H3 and were agreeably surprised at the price of this machine which is over 20 000 € lower than its closest competitor. Dynali has thus reinforced its position as a manufacturer of entry level light helicopters.
First Dynali machines leave for China

First Dynali machines leave for China

The first Dynali H2S and the first Dynali H3 “Easyflyer” are shown just before loading in the container to leave for Shanghai. With the two helicopters can be seen the contract production and management teams from Dynali and visiting members of the distributor’s personnel. Dynali’s partners in China, the Jiangxi Helicopter Industrial and Investment Co. has so far placed firm orders for six Dynali machines and will be seeking certification of the H3 by the CAAC in the light sports aircraft category.

Dynali Helicopter Company signs distribution agreement for China

After negotiations with a number of intested parties, Dynali has signed a distribution agreement for China with the Jiangxi Helicopter Industrial and Investment Corporation. The agreement included an immediate order for 3 Dynali helicopters, for which Jiangxi immediately settled the deposit and covered both the well known H2S and the new ultralight H3. Following the signature of the agreement, Thierry Blanchart, Chairman of Dynali stated "All the forecasts for the Chinese market make this one of the most exciting developments in the history of the Dynali Helicopter Company and we are glad to work with our new friends from Jiangxi to meet this challenge".
UFO’s on an airfield close to the Dynali Helicopter Company

UFO’s on an airfield close to the Dynali Helicopter Company

What are these strange looking machines ? Could they be the prototypes of the new Dynali EasyFlyer ultralight side-by-side two seater helicopter ? Watch this space...
H2S production continues through holiday months

H2S production continues through holiday months

As part of its expansion of its export markets, Dynali has continued production of its successful H2S light helicopter during the holiday season with further machines shipped to Russia and the first two to Slovakia. Further helicopters are in production for China and for France. Picture shows the second H2S wrapped for loading in the truck for shipment to Helikompress, the Slovakian distributor for Dynali.
Dynali Helicopter Company getting ready to move

Dynali Helicopter Company getting ready to move

After finally completing the administrative formalities, building work is now well advanced on the new production facility for the Dynali Helicopter Company. This will finally allow the company to industrialise the production of the H2S light helicopter. With a machining and assembly area of 1300m² or 14 000 sq. ft., this facility will allow for production lines for the H2S and future products now in the pipeline. Dynali had already built one new facility but, failing the administrative approvals for a heliport, decided that this building should be rented out and a totally new facility constructed. The move is scheduled for the Summer of 2012.
First Dynali H2S to leave for Australia

First Dynali H2S to leave for Australia

Picture shows Darren Bell, the first Dynali H2S customer from Australia taking delivery of his machine at the Dynali plant, where he had spent 3 weeks participating in the assembly of the machine, under the guidance of Pierre Desmarets, the Dynali mechanical instructor. Darren Bell is seen here handing a commemorative crystal plaque to Jacky Tonet, Technical Director of Dynali. The plaque, highly appreciated by the Dynali team carried the text:


In appreciation for your valuable support
in the assembly and testing of a remarkable machine

January 2012 “1st sold H2S Helicopter in Australia“

Darren Bell

Darren Bell's helicopter should be unloaded in Brisbane around end February 2012. Any Australians wanting a personal viewpoint on what it is like to build and fly a Dynali H2S can contact Darren by email at

A promising year for Dynali Helicopter Company

The Dynali Helicopter Company has ended the year 2011 on an upbeat note. Not only has the company shipped more helicopters this year than ever before but it enters the new year with a healthy order book, including a number of “firsts”. These include the first firm orders from China, Greece and Australia, further orders from Brazil and Russia and the first to be registered shortly in the home market of Belgium. Two new records have also been set, one by a Dynali (with a strong following wind) reaching 300 km/h and another by one of our Russian clients who has successfully flown the H2S in a temperature of -25° C. (The machines delivered to Russia are fitted with powerful heaters) In 2012, Dynali will (finally) be moving to its new facility where production can be increased to meet the growing demand. We thank our clients for their confidence, our sub-contractors for their responsiveness and our distributors for their contribution to spreading the reputation of Dynali helicopters throughout the world. All the team of Dynali wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Third Dynali H2S ordered for Brazil

Following the signature, in June 2011, of an exclusive distribution agreement for the Brazilian between Dynali and Aviacion Importacao e Montagem. Ths first Dynali H2S arrived in Brazil in late September. The distributor, whose engineer had spent 3 weeks in the Dynali plant, assisting in the assembly of the machine, immediately ordered a second H2S, this time in kit form, for local assembly. This kit was shipped in October 2011 and Dynali has already received an order for a third machine, also in kit form. As the major shareholder of Dynali is well aware "Nothing succeeds like success" and the sight of Dynali helicopters in the Brazilian skies will certainly open up the broad potential of this market.
Two new Dynali H2S for the Russian market

Two new Dynali H2S for the Russian market

These two machines, painted in the same colour as the demonstration H2S which is already flying in Russia, photographed before loading in a 40' container and leaving for Moscow. The powerful cabin heaters, installed to deal with the Russian climate, can be seen in front of the instrument panels.
The first Dynali H2S for Romania

The first Dynali H2S for Romania

Another bird leaves the nest. This Dynali H2S was purchased by a private buyer in Romania.
The first Dynali H2S for Brazil and Russia

The first Dynali H2S for Brazil and Russia

These machines, the first to be delivered to the Russian Federation and Brazil under the terms of the distribution agreements signed between Dynali and the respective distributors are seen here before shipment. Both distributors have already ordered second machines.
Dynali Helicopter Company attends Bitburg Aero Expo Airshow

Dynali Helicopter Company attends Bitburg Aero Expo Airshow

At the Aviation Expo Europe in Bitburg from May 27th to 29th, Dynali was one of the most active exhibitors. The company was congratulated by the organisers for having given more flight demonstrations than any other exhibitor during the show. While the weather was challenging, with high gusting winds, the H2S performed autorotation approaches and crowd pleasing pirouettes over the airfield and was tested by a number of experienced pilots, including several from the German armed forces, who were delighted by the performance and responsiveness of the machine.
AVIATEXIM appointed as Dynali distributor for the Russian Federation

AVIATEXIM appointed as Dynali distributor for the Russian Federation

On March 4th Dynali signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with Aviatexim Ltd. Aviatexim, which is a major player in the light aviation business in Russia, manufactures its own twin engined amphibian aircraft and has manufacturing and sales facilities in three locations in the Federation. The signing took place during a visit to Dynali on March 4th after all the four members of the Russian delegation had had the opportunity to fly in the H2S, piloted by the Dynali company pilot Amaury di Placido. Oleg Zagvordin stated "We are very impressed by the power and the performance of the H2S and are convinced that it will be enthusiastically adopted by the Russian light aviation community" Seen before the Dynali offices after the signature of the contract are :(right to left) Jacky Tonet (Dynali Technical Director), Yuri Raskachaev (Aviatexim project engineer), Viktor Zabolosky (fixed wing fighter test pilot), Olga Chechina (Dynali agent), Noël Howard-Jones (Dynali Marketing Director), Oleg Zagvozdin (Avitexim Ltd Chairman and CEO), Serguey Tsaregorodtsev, (Aviatexim helicopter pilot).
The Dynali Helicopter Company has now a distributor in Brazil

The Dynali Helicopter Company has now a distributor in Brazil

The Dynali Helicopter Company signed a distribution agreement with the aviation Company «Aviation Importaçao e Montagem» near Brasilia. This new distributor will take charge of the distribution of the Dynali H2S. They were convinced by the power and the design of this helicopter.

Dynali wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dynali wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The whole team of Dynali Helicopter Company wishes you a very happy new year and many enjoyable hours in flight. We hope that 2011 will be a prosperous year for light aviation around the world.

The Dynali H2S receives the 5th edition of its French Certification

The Dynali H2S has been certified as a kit-helicopter according to French regulations on the 13th november 2006. Four years later, it has just received the latest edition of this certification. This certification includes both models of the Dynali H2S : carbon fiber tail or the new version, with an aluminium tail.
The first two Dynali H2 helicopters for South Korea.

Dynali shipped the first two Dynali H2 helicopters to the distributor in South Korea.

Now, only 2 months later, Dynali Helicopter Company has received an order to ship two more. The Donghae Machinery and Aviation company, the Dynali distributor states that the potential in the Korean market for light helicopters is considerable as light aviation is popular but the lack of available space makes the construction of airfields excessively expensive.

Dynali shipped a Dynali H2S demonstrator to its distributor in South Africa

A Dynali H2S demonstrator for a distributor in South Africa
This country has a big interest in Dynali H2S due to its MTOW which is above 700kg and its 180HP engine. This facilitates high altitude flying in warm conditions. The South African market is the largest in Africa, due to the large areas of natural reserves which are difficult to cross with a car.
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