H3 EasyFlyer Dynali

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer

All the pleasure of flying a helicopter with just a microlight
helicopter license!

General description

H3 EasyFlyer Dynali à Blois - ultralight helicopter

Light aviation type helicopter with a MTOW of 450kg.

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer helicopters have two seats and dual controls.

Suitable for all uses : utilitarian, school, leisure.

This model is supplied as a kit or in flyaway condition according to the regulations in the destination country. Certain countries authorise helicopters in the light sport aircraft category.

In France, the Dynali H3 is authorised in the Class 6 Microlight category (MTOW 450kg).

In practically all countries, the pilot must hold, at least, a private pilot’s ultralight aircraft license.

Main characteristics

 Chassis Dynali H3 EasyFlyer ultralight helicopter

Monoblock tubular stainless steel chassis ; this is the principal structure to which all components are connected. The chassis frames the engine and the mechanical parts. It directly supports the seats and the cabin fairings.

The cabin fairings play no structural role ; the Dynali can fly without the fairings. By the way, it is sensational ! Tubular aluminium undercarriage skids are attached to the chassis by a robust system. It provides a wide undercarriage to ensure stability on the ground.

It has a tubular aluminium tail boom.
The rear transmission is by drive shaft. The main rotor blades are in extruded aluminium.
The cyclic plate is a high-performance device that allows a dynamic and easy piloting.
The main transmission gearbox is attached to the chassis, just above the engine.
The H3 is designed for maximum passive safety but light weight.

Safety first!

 Rotor H3 EasyFlyer Dynali - light helicopter

All mechanical parts are over-dimensioned. The main rotor mast is rigidly attached
to the chassis to a point close to the rotor, to ensure the safety of those on board.

The chassis and the landing skids are very strong and can allow for very hard landings.
Our ground tests allowed a 600ft/min impact with the MTOW.

The cabin fairings, strengthened with Kevlar are flexible. In the event of impact, the Kevlar
is deformed without fracturing.

The Dynali H3 is the ideal helicopter for training purposes.

Use and piloting

Comfortable : the seats are well cushioned, the trimmed controls are light to handle.
There is no vibration at all in the cabin. The cabin is wide enough (1,4m) for two broad-shouldered people to fly in comfort.

Flight controls are conventional, fully dual for training student pilots.
The cyclic sticks are adaptable to people of all sizes. The collective is also dual. The engine is over-powered (100HP). A governor assists automatically with throttle control. Piloting is precise and handling easy. The controls respond immediately.

The rigid structure allows for highly dynamic piloting of the Dynali. It hugs the contours and instantly responds to the controls.

No other light helicopter can be flown like a Dynali without the risk of deformation of the structure and inversion of the controls in tight turns.

The H3 can fly in high winds thanks to excellent stability and a powerful tail rotor. It has excellent characteristics in autorotation.

On short trips, the Dynali can be transported on a trailer without removal of main rotor blades.
It can be very easily loaded. For long trips, the blades can be easily removed and do not require re-adjustment on re-mounting. The Dynali can be loaded in a container in 2 hours and reassembled in 2 hours to be ready to fly. With its 2-blade main rotor, the Dynali can be easily parked on a garage and does not require a large area.

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