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History of Dynali

Once upon a time

In the early 80’s, the company was just called Dynali (“helicopter” being added to the name later). At that time, the founder, Jacques Tonet designed the famous Chickinox ; a revolutionary ultra-light 3-axis aircraft made from stainless steel and aluminium. He sold more than 1000 of these aircraft.

A new millenium has come

But by the beginning of the new millennium, the arrival in the market of new ultra-light aircraft constructed in carbon fiber and innovative designs brought the first generation of ultra-light airplanes to an end. A new shareholder, Thierry Blanchart, who had been successful in a number of business ventures including the hotel and catering industry, injected new capital into the company and provided it with the means to spend several years in research and development.

Why not a light helicopter?

Helicopters present design difficulties out of all proportion with those presented by light aircraft. Even though the concept of the helicopter can be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci, the first practical helicopters did not take to the air until 40 years after the first fixed wing aircraft. It took several years of trial and modifications for Jacky and his team to produce the first Dynali helicopter, the H2 ; a 600kg (MTOW) two-seater helicopter. The performance of this helicopter was above all expectations as it demonstrated its capacity to cruise fast, high, economically and confortably. Without going beyond a prototype and a few pre-production machines, Dynali turned, early 2006, to the development of a more powerful model, the Dynali H2S. This machine, with its 180 HP engine offers a greater payload and has a reserve of power enabling improved performance in hot and high conditions. The H2 was dropped from the product line as customers preferred the extra power.


Today, the Dynali Helicopter Company employs about 20 people. Engineers, technicians, machine tool operators, composite specialists. Plus the flight department and the administrative and accounting people who are housed at the group head office in nearby Waterloo. The company has now outgrown its original workshop facilities in Nivelles and moved to more capacious buildings during 2012. The 1200 sqm plant is large enough to produce 6 to 7 machines per month. The designs of the H3 and H2S have been stabilised following many hours of ground and test flights and the successive modifications to the pre-production helicopters. Today, Dynali helicopters are flying throughout most of the world, from the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean and from France to Korea. As of 2013, with the introduction of the microlight category of helicopters, Dynali was among the first to enter this market with the H3 EasyFlyer which is now in production and flying in Europe and the Far East.

Our team leaders

Thierry Blanchart Chairman
Jacques Tonet Technical & R/D
Michaël Khader Sales & Engineering
Pierre Desmarets Production & Training
Guillaume Vandewynckel Purchase & Logistics
Patrick Gauquier Company pilot
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